Some More about the variant ChessX

Jul 16, 2014, 8:35 AM |

    Last year, I wrote an article on this website suggesting a logical variation on the game of Chess I called ChessX.  I also desired to keep the rules of Chess as currently played with as few modifications as possible.
    First, I added a new piece with the mobility of the King.  Each player, White and Black, received two of these pieces I called the Guard.  (To maintain the medieval theme of Chess.)  I placed one the Kingside and one on the Queenside.  In the diagram, they are the two crossed spears in front of the door.
    This required expanding the board to 10 x 8.  Then, I thought, why not maintain the board as a square?  So, I added a row behind each side.  This makes the board 10 x 10, or 100 squares.
    Here is a screenshot of the result:

    To show how ChessX alters the flavor of playing a Chess-like game I considered the two games almost  every Chess player knows:  Fool's mate and Scholar's mate.  We will consider Fool's mate first.  After 1. P6c-6d  P5h-5f  2. P7c-7e  Q4i-8e+ we come to the following position in ChessX:

    If this were Chess, the White King would be checkmated.  In ChessX, the White King can escape to the two squares:  5a and 6a.  (The squares with the green x in them.)

    A similar situation exists playing what would be Scholar's Mate in Chess.  After 1.  P5c-5e  P5h-5f   2.  B6b-3e  N2i-3g   3. Q4b-8f  N7i-6g   4. Q8fx6h+:

    Notice that the Black King would have been mated if this were Chess; but, because this is ChessX, he has 5j and 6j to escape to.

    The screenshots I have used are from a program that I wrote.  It does nothing but show the positions of the ChessX pieces.  It does NOT play.

    Feel free to comment, good or bad.  Thanks.