Ubuntu Linux and Chess -- Installation

Mar 21, 2012, 5:01 PM |

The first part is the installation.

Fire up your preferred program to do installation of packages on Ubuntu.  I use Synaptic, there are a couple of other options.

You need to install this list of packages, and all of their dependencies.  I found the list by searching for "chess" in Synaptic, and ticking the boxes next to each of the programs (right click and select "Mark for Installation"):

  • fairymax
  • xboard
  • dreamchess
  • stockfish
  • fruit
  • glaurung
  • toga2
  • polyglot
  • knights
  • sjeng
  • phalanx
  • eboard
  • gameclock
  • scid
  • crafty
  • tourney-maager
  • gnuchess

Let the programs install.  I found that I had to reboot after installing everything -- you actually just need to restart the X server and font server, but rebooting is probably simpler and almost as fast.