My first team match coming up?

Nov 11, 2008, 2:41 AM |

Just was invited to a new team match and know I shouldn't join since I always have difficulties making moves in time when it's 3 days/move. But's too tempting. Being part of a team, struggling together. Maybe I can make an extra effort to make that particular game my first priority.

(minutes later...)

And now I have joined! Obviously I can't be sure I will play as my rating is at the moment (no finished games) 1200, but I would still like to see some more from my team - at the moment I'll be facing someone with a 2100 rating!

Anyway, will be exciting to see whether I will play and how the match will end. The match in question is THE POWER OF CHESS vs AMATEUR CHESS (My group).

(some hours later...)

I just joined my third group (Ultimate chess, the other two being Amateur chess and Music lovers) in order to participate in a team match with a 7 days/move timeframe. I also joined a 5 days/move game instead of that first 3 days/move game. The team matches I have currently joined are therefore:

Dream team vs Ultimate chess (my group)

Dream Team vs Amateur chess (my group)

Looking forward to the games...

Today I also think that I finally began to grasp the concept of "opposition" while practicing the K+p vs K endgame with Chessmaster. Took a look at, and their endgame example was really helpful :-). I probably should repeat those endgame exercises once I'm through them. Maybe even try to find time to continue with Waitzkin's academy...

(later same day...)

Well, now I've really done it. I decided to join The Dream Team group as well (that'll be the last one, I promise ;-)). Anyway, I can't play for one group I'm in against another group I'm in, so I'm back at square one (e4?) and must try to find a team match against a group I'm NOT a member in...brb.

Ok, now I have joined one 3 days/move game playing for Chess Unlimited and three different 7 days/ move games playing for The Dream Team. Let's see if I'll be playing in any of them... 


- Played two chess games online (17/0 and 18/0)

- Corr-chess online

- Opening anlysis: Of today's game

- Opening training: Black against d4 with CPT

- Tactics: 17 problems

- Endgame training: K+p vs K (Chessmaster)