Winning with the French 1 (ann. game incl.)

Nov 10, 2008, 2:55 AM |

Today I decided to join a tournament, just to find out that I must complete 5 games first. So I added some more seeks in order to accomplish that.

Also played my longest game in a long while today (16/0) and managed to win playing the French defense:







(This is actually my first "complete" annotation in a LONG while, so don't be too hard on me ;-)) 

Apart from training tactics (problems) and opening (using the splendid Chess Position Trainer) I will also try to spend some time on the endgame, starting with the Chessmaster "endgame drills".


- Played a chess game online (16/0)

- Corr-chess online

- Game analysis: Annotated the game I played today

- Opening training: Opening repertoire training with CPT (as white)

- Tactics: 24 problems

- Endgame training: K+Q vs K, K+R vs K, K+2p vs K (Chessmaster endgame drills - beginner)