My own little "immortal"

Feb 17, 2009, 7:06 PM |

I've been learning a lot from the excellent opening video lessons by british IM Andrew Martin, where he teaches the club player to attack fiercely using the classical Vienna.

Tonight, playing a 20-minute game with a friend at the club, trying what I've just learned, I believe I have produced a small gem (at least within my own games) in the romantic style of Anderssen.

Chess gods forgive me, I'm not at all saying the game was near the level of the true immortal game (there was no Queen sacrifice and my opponent made a couple of obvious errors), but it's not everyday I get to sacrifice both rooks and still win a beautiful game.

Particulary, I am very proud of the 13th move, shutting down black's entire queenside army.

Here's my own little "immortal":