King's Gambit

Oct 30, 2012, 7:18 PM |
Here I present my thoughts on KG. Since this is my 1st blog, I'm writing these things just like doing some kind of experiment. So they are not supposed to be correct, or inspiring, or anything.

I love KG, it's my favorite when play against 1 ... e5:

Now KGA is the most frequently played by Black. After 2 ... ef, I go 3 Nf3. But I guess I want to try 3 Bf4 in the future.

Some other options for Black:

Falkbeer Counter Gambit: 2 ... d5

KGD: 2 ... d6

Now these 2 alternatives should be met with initiative by White, for it's not good for White to hang his f-pawn for too long.

I met 2 ... Nc6 once. I believe 3 Nf3 is a good way to handle it. I have an example to show how bad it can be for Black, if not play actively:

Another thing should be mentioned: I've found very few titles on King's Gambit, and I guess they are kind of rare sources.

King's Gambit by Viktor Korchnoi and Vladimir Zak;

Gambits by Yakov Estrin (there are 2 sections on KG and KGD Falkbeer Counter Gamit)