2019 Champions Showdown: Chess9LX Day #1  | A Visual Blog Post
Here's my experience at the first day of 2019 Champions Showdown: Chess9LX.

2019 Champions Showdown: Chess9LX Day #1 | A Visual Blog Post


Following the drawing of today's position players were paired up with each other to make preparations for the games. Kasparov's partner was none other than Peter Svidler. The duo were eagerly discussing variants in Russian. Fabiano Caruna was paired with Levon Aronian; Wesley So with Hikaru Nakamura; Leiner Domingues with Veselin Topalov. It was interesting yet extremely inspiring to see the masters of the game preparing for today's games.

Before the game.

"Naycir's chess? Her Komodo performance was revolting." Haha! Not exactly! The legend was probably looking for a better variant.

Fabiano Caruana must have been extremely happy about his performance today.

There's no such thing as too much Garry Kasparov. 

After two rapid games, there were two 5 mins blitz games with a 5-second delay. Since rapid games are way too long for me to stand still and record, I only recorded the blitz session.


Blitz Game #1

Blitz Game #2

The end of the first day of 2019 Champions showdown.

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