2020 Cairns Cup  #1 | A Visual Blog Post
The godmother of chess, Dr. Jeanne Cairns Sinquefield, with 2020 Cairns Cup Participants during the opening ceremony. | Photo: Nigarhan Gurpinar

2020 Cairns Cup #1 | A Visual Blog Post


Welcome back to yet another visual blog post series! This series feature one of the most requested tournaments ever! The second annual Cairns Cup, the highest-rated all-female tournament in chess history! The event is hosted by Saint Louis Chess Club, arguably the most famous chess club on the planet, from February 6-17, 2020. I will be here to present my perspective with less words, more visuals.

The highest-rated all-female tournament in chess history, the second annual Cairns Cup, has officially begun! @STLChessClub I’ll be doing another visual blog post series @chesscom pic.twitter.com/PMXq9m9buz

Current Women's World Blitz Champion GM Kateryna Lagno's comment highlighted the importance of having higher prize funds for women's tournaments and more prestigious events at this caliber:

Reigning women's wold champion GM Ju Wenjun at the opening ceremony. | Photo: Nigarhan Gurpinar
Reigning women's world chess champion GM Ju Wenjun's fashion choice today. | Photo: Nigarhan Gurpinar
Last year's champion GM Valentina Gunina. | Photo: Nigarhan Gurpinar
GM Alexandra Kosteniuk vs GM Irina Krush. | Photo: Nigarhan Gurpinar
Former Women's World Chess Champion GM Mariya Muzychuk. | Photo: Nigarhan Gurpinar
Former European chess champion GM Nana Dzagnidze from Georgia. | Photo: Nigarhan Gurpinar
GM Humpy Koneru, the second female player, after Judit Polgar, to cross 2600. | Photo: Nigarhan Gurpinar
I also interviewed GM Humpy Koneru for chess.com's 2020 Cairns Cup live coverage! Please excuse my excitement as I get excited when I'm next to legends, okay?
GM Kateryna Lagno checking Kosteniuk-Krush game.
GM Kateryna Lagno vs GM Harika Dronavalli | Photo: Nigarhan Gurpinar

Check out my interview with former women's world chess champion GM Mariya Muzychuk! Many thanks to her for being so kind and accepting my interview request! <3

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