Epic Chess Battle Starts on November 9: Naycir vs. GoldDustTori
Are you ready for this epic chess battle?

Epic Chess Battle Starts on November 9: Naycir vs. GoldDustTori


Mark your calendars, grab your popcorn and prepare your heart! This historical EPIC chess battle will begin on November 9 4PM US/Central on twitch.tv/golddustori and twitch.tv/naycir.

Will Tori's legendary chess play be enough to tackle Naycir's extremely "unique" style which manages to scare grandmasters?(two reported near-death experiences so far) 

Tori exposing lies...

Naycir slaying 2012 World Junior Chess Champion GM Alex Ipatov with her exceptional skills.

$1.000 prize fund for this battle was generously donated by maprail, an avid chess aficionado and active chess supporter, where the winner will take $600 and the "learner" (because we don't lose a match, we learn, duh!) will get $400.

The match will feature 2 rapid (3 pts each), 5 blitz (2 pts each) and 5 bullet (1 pt each) games so whoever reaches 11 points will be declared the winner of the match. The dare for the learner will be revealed on the day of the match so keep your eyes peeled, take your seats and be ready for this sensational battle!

Naycir's dirty flag gone wrong. 

Tori casually smothering her opponents.

CAUTION: Contents of this battle may not be suitable for people suffering high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.