4 Candels

Nov 25, 2009, 12:27 AM |

There was 4 candels burning in silence they were whispering to each other:

- The first whisperd iam PEACE but the world is full of hatred & anger & cant keep my light..so it turned off

-The second said iam FAITH but iam no longer important to anyone so no need to give my light ..so it turned off.

The third sadly said iam LOVE but people forgot me & ignore all their loving ones & i have no desire to give my light & it turned off.

The man came to the room found the 3 candels are off ...sadly asked why dont u keep your light to the end!??

-The 4 th candel whisperd dont cry iam HOPE as long as i keep my light you can take it & light the other 3 candels.

So the man took the hope candel & light all the other 3  candels from it.

Dont let the hope candel turn off from your life..

With hope everyone of us live in PEACE..FAITH..& LOVE.