A woman' s world...

A woman' s world...

Apr 9, 2009, 3:11 AM |
A Woman's World…
  If a man was born out of a woman's divinely womb; after tossing;
turning and kicking helplessly for 9 agonizingly marathon months;
before tasting the first beams of light of the alien world,

If a man suckled life-yielding milk; comfort; and compassion; from the
bosom of a woman; in order to perseveringly fortify each of his
bone-to face the ghastly wrath of the parasitic planet outside,

If a man wailed in a woman's eclectically sensitive palms in his times
of duress; felt their latent warmth as the most invincible fortress;
even as the worst of hell descended on earth,

If a man fervently licked his fingers clean time and again; savoring
the most succulently ravishing meals on earth even in his dreams;
prepared by the artistically virile woman,

If a man flirted and philandered with a woman in iridescent twilight;
in order to grant his veins the most tantalizingly unparalleled
exhilaration that ever existed; in order to profoundly realize the
glory of his untamed youth,

If a man took inimitably unflinching pride in introducing a woman as
his better-half partner for life; thereby demonstrating his perfect
symbiosis with nature and winning the unanimous applause of one and
all around,

If a man started to work everyday with reinvigorated vigor to conquer
life and its uncanny hardships; thanks to the fearlessly inspiring
smile of a woman and the power of faith in her resplendent eyes,

If a man desperately sought a beautiful woman's face amidst a
boundless crowd of other men; to enlighten his otherwise wretchedly
remorseful evening with the clouds of effervescent desire,

If a man considered a woman his most eternally unshakable companion;
to uninhibitedly blend with his feminist fears and tears; understand
his sensitive soul to the hilt-like no-one else could ever

If a man needed a woman to trigger an infinite colors and spectrums of
desire; in his otherwise robotically routine business night; where all
that was otherwise visible was plaintive cigarette smoke; tie; whisky;
dubious collapse of stocks; and unbearable strife,

If a man depended on a woman to articulately assemble and sift through
his disorganized life; make him feel more responsible in the chapter
of existence; as he refreshingly marched forward with a purpose to
serve back his own world,

If a man secretly wanted to be fed every morsel of his food by a woman
just like in innocuous childhood; in order to forever revel in the
love and glory of the very best that life in its most pristinely form;
had to ever offer,

If a man wholesomely leaned upon a woman to continue his race and name
ahead; intransigently feel that the chapter of life had then
eventually revolved a complete circle,

Then why the hell do you call it and rant about it as a 'MANS EARTH'.
For whether you agree or don't agree it always has been and always
would be a 'WOMANS WORLD'….

Nikhil Parekh (Love Poet)