Interview with LOVE...

Interview with LOVE...

Jun 23, 2009, 1:34 AM |

Love is the gorgeous feeling that grows inside us without knowing as if its a volcano in that littel part called the heart what is this feeling ? how it happenes? why it is strong ? to know all this answers let us make interview with love..

- welcome to the most pure feeling on earth.

love: welcome.

-can u allow us to do interview with u to know ur secrets?

love: with pleasure & honesty.

- why did u leave us?

love: its u humans who pushed me away..

- That means we are in a world love doesnt exist any more?

love: i exist in every beating heart that knows the meaning of true  love ..but this rare nowadays.

-Who are you then??

love:iam the burning feeling that makes human's heart's moves.i contain them with tender & sweetness ..i turn dreams true..i make life better.

- why dont u come in the time when person want's u??

love:if u get something after hard work you will keep it.

-why do you hurt who love..?

love:to know how valuable it is.

- how do we keep you & never lose you ?

love: make love your goal & you will see all pressures around you are just steps to greater stabel love.

-when do u decide to resign ?

love: when i find both parts dont want to keep me..

- Are you real or imaginary?

love : iam real but you made me imaginary..

- Are you going to leave us in future ?

love: I cant leave you..but i pick time i keep distance from u ,so that u know my value among u.

-To where are u going then ..?

love: i will spread between all hearts, i will challenge all pressures , i will stand infront all obsticals.

so love can be among us all..


( translated& copied from an arabic blog)