The best i would....

May 1, 2009, 11:45 PM |

If for instant god forgot that iam just a puppet,& he gave me 1 more piece of life i would take advantage of that time ,the best i would....

-i would probably not say everthing i think but definitely think all i say.

-i would value things not for what they are worth but for what they represent.

-i would sleep less & dream more for every minute we close our eyes we lose 60 sec. of light.

-i would prove to humans how wrong they are to think that they stop falling in love as they get older,since they actually start getting older as soon as the stop falling in love.

-i would give wings to the children but i would leave the child alone so that he could learn how to fly on his own.

-always tell what u feel & do what u think.

There is always morning where life gives us another opportunity to make things good.

                                                         Gabriel garcia marquez.