Ecology: Tough Decisions

Ecology: Tough Decisions

Feb 19, 2012, 6:43 AM |

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February 2012 ECPA Newsletter, from a speech in October 2011 by The Ambassador Albert Ramdin:

Roughly he said that The Carribeans should Benefit in Unity and Wealth from The Clean Energy Initiatives Movement and Meetings, but also was a little Negative concerning the Efficiency of Clean Energy in General: Sacrifice of course have to be made, but Many of Us Ecologist by Heart and Actions were under the Impression that Clean Energy Efficiency was as High and even mostly higher than Traditional Non-Ecological Energy.

Solar Energy Technology is now quite develloped, not Finally develloped,  Research being still led, but develloped enough to be a Profitable Industry.

Clean Fuel is by far Cheaper to make and have from Agriculture than any Petroleum Traditional Fuel.

The rest of The Clean Energy Technologies has either Proved its Perfect Efficiency or needs Research to Prove it:

Geothermic is Efficient and needs Research, Wind has proved its Perfect Efficiency.

Tough Decisions have to be made to Sacrifice the Usual Habits and Replace them by Habits safer for Life, Public Health and The Earth.

And The Ambassador has once Again Reminded The Enormous Accomplishment and The Importance for The Entire World of The Carribean Clean Energy Initiative.

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