Health: Being G-D

Mar 5, 2012, 4:28 AM |

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To have the Need, the Will, the Habit of Influencing others by unNormal ways: Ov, Yidoni and Magic is quite Incohirent and actually Pathological: Its a Sickness, the Sickness of The Mind, a sickness of Devellopement and Behaviour that would be to want to somehow be G-D, to be a god, to own People and Force them , to have them do whatever we would want them to do.
Being G-D from a Normal Human being Point of View is Useless, Difficult to even See or Concive and with no real Gain whatsoever: As Humans we understand we are not Qualified or Equiped to be G-D and as Anything can be Aquired or done already with the Help of The Real G-D, its more work to actually change everything and do ourselve this Trumendous Work of being G-D.
Of Course Mental Control: We are indeed Talking about Mental Control, then MC is a very serious Crime with very Important, very Heavy Penalties against The Criminal Practicing them.
Then again in case one is still thinking it is absolutely legit to Practice Ov, Yidoni or Magic, know that those are not only Forbiden by Law, but with Concrete Evidence heavily Punishable in Every Single Human Court of Law.