Middle-Est: Lean Years To Come


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February 19 2012, according to PM Netanyahu, Difficult year would be possibly coming towards Israel and The World in general:

For Israel: Economic Difficulties, Defense Difficulties and therefore Security Difficulties.

Security with a coming Islamist Wave or Revolution that might bring more Terrorist Attacks on Israel and Jews.

After 30 years of Great Profit, may be coming according to Studies 30 years of Lean and Poor Market Exportation Oportunities to Israel.

Because of that, Defense Expenses are gona raise making our Security costs much higher.

We, of course, are supported by Many other Democraties, Democraties Themselves that are going to go through the same Difficulties.

Our Economic Growth has helped, is helping and will be hopefully helping with The Defense Expenses.

Economic Growth that must keep going.

Growth that must keep, by Expanding our Exportations, by Exporting more and more Goods towards the New Markets like China for Exemple.

By making more Associations with other Countries to lead Projects.

We also need to Devellop on Education, on Infrastructures: Roads, Train Lines etc...

And also to Save on Energy, Transportation and other Things.

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