World: Coherence In The Making Of Important Choices

World: Coherence In The Making Of Important Choices

Feb 19, 2012, 6:46 AM |

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Making Choices are an Every-Day Action, for Individuals and Groups or Moral Creatures: Organizations, Countries and such.

Every Single Choice can be Important: For The Future, your Future, your Children's Future.

Nowadays Countries, Governments, Ministers, Prime Ministers, Presidents have to make Choices for The Nation or Nations they Publically Serve.

Most Nations Choose generally between Remaining or Disapearing from The World every Time they Face Another One: Nation, in a Serious Conflict.

Economic Conflict, not really: More like a kind of a War: Kind of because like Many Things, War is has Legal Body Defined by Several United Nations Articles Of Law.

Economics: Economic Conflicts are generally Ruled by Commercial Associations, Commerce Treaties and Contracts Peacefully Aquired through Inter-Governmental Meetings.

Wars, Conflicts between Nations are to be Decided through Direct, Hard and Serious Negociations or unfortunately Millitary Combat and Strikes.

Choices are sometimes between being Rightious or Going with The Common Evil: Terrorism, Rogue Governmentship, Corruption and Deception Human Rights Violentions and such.

Democraties in general, not always: Some are actually Fake, Rogue, They are just to say: "We are not so Dangerous after all, then you(United Nations) do not need to watch Us and Sanction Us, then Democraties always act according to Legal Obligations, never around or against Them, against The International Legal Obligations of Every Single Contry to Respect, to Protect and to Free The Peoples.

Nowadays, if not All, Most Major Countries in The World are Genuine Democraties, They Walk Straight by The Book, by The Law Of Respecting, Protecting and Incouraging Life, Freedom and Prosperity for All Peoples.

Law, Laws that have been The only needed Path of Still-Remaining Existance of Human-Beings on Earth.

In The Middle-Est, an Important Conflict is taking place now: Between Divers Terrorist Groups and "The State Of Israel", Israel Supported by "The United Nations", Nato and All the Real Democraties and Legitimate Nanarchies.

The United Nations Supporting Israel only because Israel is wanting and pouching so Hard for Actual Peace in The Middle-Est and for so Long has been, Peace with The So-Called Palestinians.

Palestinians that are Living mostly in "Gaza Strip" which is a Legal Part of "The State Of Israel", "Gaza Strip" that could become maybe "The State Of Palestine" if only The Palestinians would Choose Peace and Democratie over Terrorism.

The Palestinians That Chose as Allies Terrorist Organizations, Terrorist Organizations which best Interests are not to have Peace, Being in The Business of Destroying Israel, Jews and Jewish Interests, but Terrorists Organizations that even if They Try by Political Branches to Look less Brutal,

still keep working for and only for an UnNatural State in The Middle-Est between Countries, without Peace, without Negociations and without any Respect of The International Legal Obligations.

Terrorist Groups not only against The State Of Israel but also against Most Democratic Countries.

An Alliance between Palestinians and Arabs Terrorists Groups, an Alliance that noone but Perhaps them Knows The Goal, The Future and The Result: A Choice made for sure by The Palestinians, a Choice for Terrorism and against Their Own Well-Being.