My Eighteenth Chess Tournament

Aug 2, 2013, 3:39 PM |

I recently took a break from playing tournament chess so that I could travel across the world this summer. After having come back home recently, I started playing again at my local chess club. Because I was away from home during the first round, I had to take a half-point bye for that game. I did win two of the three games I've played, both of which can be considered miniatures. So, my score in this month's tournament was 2.5/4, not too bad for someone who hasn't played any chess in nearly two months.

Round 1:

I entered the tournament after the first round was already played, so I got a half-point bye for this round.


Round 2:

Themes: Common Checkmating Patterns, Double Attacks, Decoys and Deflection, Sacrifice, Forks, Zwischenzug, Pins, Opening Lines, Open Files, Open Game, Initiative, Opening Traps, Sacrificing on f7/f2, Exposing the King, Mating Nets, Attacking the Uncastled King
Round 3:

Themes: Double Attacks, Removing the Guard, Sacrifice, Forks, Zwischenzug, Clearance Sacrifice, Zugzwang, Queen Sacrifice, Interference, Weak and Strong Squares, Positional Sacrifices, Open Game, Using Bishops, Initiative, Using the Queen, Fianchetto, Weak Pawns, Backward Pawns, Converting Extra Material, Attacking 0-0, Queenside Attacks, Fortress
Round 4:


Themes: Double Attacks, Overloading, Sacrifice, Forks, Zwischenzug, Clearance Sacrifice, Pins, Discovered Attacks, Opening Lines, Using Knights, Positional Sacrifices, Open Game, Initiative, Using the Queen, Opening Traps, Exposing the King, King Hunt, Attacking the Uncastled King