My Fifteenth Chess Tournament

Aug 1, 2013, 12:11 AM |

There isn't much to say about the games that I played in this tournament. Three of them were against significantly weaker players, so I easily won those. Though these games were not completely blunder-free on my part, my weaker opponents failed to take advantage of my few blunders. The game that I lost in Round 2, though, was heartbreaking. I had a good position in the opening and middlegame, but blundered the game away in time trouble.

Round 1:


Themes: Sacrifice, Exchange Sacrifice, Simplification, Initiative, Fianchetto, Passed Pawns, Converting Extra Material, Defense


Round 2:

Themes: Double Attacks, Decoys and Deflection, Sacrifice, Forks, Zwischenzug, Discovered Attacks, Using Knights, Bishop Pair, Outpost Squares, Outposts, Initiative, Fianchetto, Exposing the King, Defense, Attacking 0-0, Counterattack


Round 3:

Themes: Skewers, Zugzwang, Pins, Simplification, Open Files, Using Rooks, 7th/2nd Rank Control, Isolated Pawns, Weak Pawns, Doubled Pawns, Blockading, Passed Pawns, Rook Endings



Round 4:

Themes: Overloading, Zugzwang, Pins, King Activity, Using Knights, Initiative, Good and Bad Bishops, Passed Pawns, Attacking 0-0, Basic Checkmates, Bishops vs Knight, Basic Pawn Endings