My Fourth Chess Tournament, Game 1

Jun 15, 2012, 10:41 PM |
After tying with my friend for first place in my section at the last tournament, I decided to enter the next tournament. It is at the same time and same place as the last tournament, and with the same time control (85 minutes per player with 5 second delay). I played Black this game, and once again I chose the French Defense as my opening. Every time I play the French as Black I tend to get a very good position right out of the opening, especially after I solve the problem of my "French bishop" (the light-squared bishop that starts on c8 and gets blocked in by the e6 pawn). Below is the game that I played, and below that is some computer analysis of how the game would have ended.


Themes: Sacrifice, Back Rank, Using Rooks, Passed Pawns