My Second Chess Tournament


Hello my fellow members. I just recently played in my second ever Chess Tournament, after having a pretty drawish first tournament. I definitely did much better in this tournament than in my first tournament, as I actually won most of my games this time. In fact, I won the first place trophy in my section (U1600) during this tournament. The tournament was a 5 Round Swiss with the time control being 90 min/player with 5 sec delay. Below are each of the games that I've played. Any comments and/or constructive criticism about any of my games are welcome, as I hope to learn something about each of the games that I played.


Round 1:

Themes: Common Checkmating Patterns, Forks, Pins, Using Knights, Good and Bad Bishops, Attacking 0-0
Round 2:
I did not play in Round 2. I had a bye because there were not enough people for me to play against someone this round (it was a pretty small tournament). Most players in my section had at least one bye.
Round 3:
Themes: Trapped Piece, Closed Game, Using Knights, Outpost Squares, Outposts, Good and Bad Bishops, Fianchetto, Converting Extra Material, Attacking 0-0
Round 4:
Themes: Forks, Zugzwang, Exchange Sacrifice, Pins, Basic Combinations, Using Knights, Bishop Pair, Initiative, Undermining the Center, Attacking 0-0-0, Opposite Side Castling
Round 5:

 Themes: Skewers, Forks, Pins, Discovered Attacks, Bishop Pair, Using the Queen, Pawn Storms, Attacking 0-0, Opposite Side Castling, Rook Endings