My Sixth Chess Tournament, Game 2 (Total Domination in the Slav Defense)

I finally managed to win a game in my new section at my local Chess Club (for players rated 1100-1800). The game that I had played the week before this one was one of my most sharpest and aggressive tournament games to date. However, this game tops the previous game and is even more sharp and aggressive on my part. It came as no surprise to me that after the great position I got out of the opening I would win this game long before it would reach an endgame. What does surprise me, though, is how sloppily my 1713 rated opponent played the opening and allowed me to dominate the center of the board and eventually crush him to death. What really helped me to take advantage of my opponent's opening mistakes was this free demo lesson from Chess Mentor that I remembered at the beginning of the game: In any case, I am glad to have finally won a tournament game for the first time in 6 tournament games. Here is the game:
Themes: Common Checkmating Patterns, Sacrifice, Clearance Sacrifice, Weak and Strong Squares, Using Knights, Taking Space, Outpost Squares, Initiative, Undermining the Center, Development, Exposing the King, Mating Nets, Attacking 0-0