My Third Chess Tournament, Game 1

May 20, 2012, 1:10 PM |

This weekend I just started my third chess tournament. My local chess club is hosting this tournament for four consecutive weeks, with one game played per week. The time control for each game is 85 min per player, and this tournament is USCF rated. I was placed in the U1100 section, as my USCF rating is still only 985 (I need to play more tournament games). Below is the first game that I played in this tournament. Next week I will play my second game and may post that one as well.

Themes: Skewers, Removing the Guard, Forks, Color Complex, Initiative, Undermining the Center, Fianchetto, Weak Pawns, Exposing the King, Mating Nets, King Hunt, Pawn Storms, Attacking 0-0, Counterattack