Fortress: How to save almost lost Position!?

Fortress: How to save almost lost Position!?

FM djano
Jun 7, 2012, 4:19 AM |

Hi, I'm still in topic of a draw in chess. After all the outcome a draw must not mean that the game was boring Smile

"Never ever give up" (look a the picture) - it's sound good for fortress in chess!

Even if you are almost sure that your's position is lost try to create fortress or stalmate idea.

"In chess, the fortress is an endgame drawing technique in which the side behind in material sets up a zone of protection around their king that cannot be penetrated by the opponent. This only works when the opponent does not have a passed pawn or cannot create one, unless that pawn can be stopped"  Source:

First three examples comes from Study (artifical created) and next two from practical games. The Analysis to study and games comes from my own analysis.

1. W.E. Rudolph 1912, Study

2. Fred Lazard (Study, 1946)


3. Chekhover (Study)

4.  Cut off of white Queen

5. Draw without Queen!?


I showed only a few examples but closly raleted to chain-pawn that are only a very smart part of whole fortress in chess!
If you have you Chess Engine You can check this games, and see how "stupid" currently the computers are in evaluation of "fortress in chess" because in closed chain pawns with totally draw position the give evaluation like +8, -5 and so on. Frown

 If You know something interesting in this topic you are welcome Cool