Funny King walk 4.Kh4 and Black Mate!

Funny King walk 4.Kh4 and Black Mate!

FM djano
Jun 11, 2012, 11:31 AM |

Today one funny puzzle Cool White play 1.f3 2.Kf2 3.Kg3 4.Kh4 and now after Kh4 Black checkmate White King!  So you must find 4 legal moves for Black and 4...Mate. 

Small Hint: Remember that moves must not be good as in normal game and can include check ..

First I saw this puzzle about 15 Years ago and after long time unaware about Solution a Chessfriend showed me this puzzle but this time I manage to solve but cost me a few hours .. 

I think it's not easy after all, but You can judge alone

Maybe You will find another solution!? I don't belive but You can try!