Garry Kasparov described this game as "Rubinstein's truly 'immortal' game"

Garry Kasparov described this game as "Rubinstein's truly 'immortal' game"

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Rotlewi versus Rubinstein was a game of chess played in Łódź, Poland in December 1907 by Gersz Rotlewi (as White) and Akiba Rubinstein (as Black).

It featured a brilliant sacrifice (of a queen and rook for two minor pieces) by Rubinstein to win the game in an example of an overload( is a chess tactic in which a defensive piece is given an additional defensive assignment which it cannot complete without abandoning its original defensive assignment.).

Garry Kasparov described the game as "Rubinstein's truly 'immortal' game" and "his most famous creation" -My Great Predecessors Volume 1

Puzzle: Find only one move after that White will resign 

Akiba Kiwelowicz Rubinstein (12 December 1882 in Stawiski, Poland – 15 March 1961 in Antwerp, Belgium) was a famous Polish chess Grandmaster at the beginning of the 20th century. He was scheduled to play a match with Emanuel Lasker for the world championship in 1914, but it was cancelled because of the outbreak of World War I. In his youth, he astonished the chess world, defeating many famous players, including Capablanca and Schlechter - however, his later life was plagued by mental illness.

He was one of the earliest chess players to take the endgame into account when choosing and playing the opening. He was exceptionally talented in the endgame, particularly in rook endings, where he broke new ground in knowledge. Jeremy Silman ranked him as one of the five best endgame players of all time, and a master of rook endgames. Source: