How to a draw by repetition in Opening?

FM djano
Jun 6, 2012, 7:34 AM |

Hi, today I will show a few examples of chess opening games with quickly forced draw. Friends or more over good Players like IM's GM's uses is to avoid Rule (of not to offer a draw before 30 move) or to save energy, win a prize, make a free day, make a point in history (look last game) etc.. Cool

1. Ruy Lopez

2. Petroff's Defence

3. The Pirc Defence

4. The Dutch Defence (a weird draw)

5. Funny stalmate for Black

6. Another funny stalmate but with amaizing story.

In 1990 this game was played between two GM's Thomas Paethz - Raj Tischbierek and then in 2009 (after 19 Years!) at the GM Round-Robin Tournament in Berlin (Germany) the Daughter of Thomas (IM) Elizabeth Paethz played it against GM R.Tischbierek Cool

Here is her game:

Well there where only a few games.. If you know any interesting famous draw fell free to post. Thx