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Resign While Winning!

Resign While Winning!

May 16, 2011, 1:49 PM 2

 Recently I posted a game in which my opponent resigned a completely drawn position with plenty of time in his clock. I began to wonder if this happened frequently, it turns out it does. Even worse is resigning while having a clear win. This doesn't happen as often but I found quite a few professional games in which this happened! Resigning while winning is the greatest blunder you can make. Among many examples, here are just a few:






















































As usual I like to present a trap with each of my blog posts. Current World Champion Vishy Anand fell into this and lost in 6 moves! This was a year after he received his grandmaster title.




As usual, I would like to conclude my blog post with one of my games. 
This was my first correspondence game. The time control was 3-days max per move. 
My opponent was Jeff Schnieder. Jeff was a dear friend of mine who contributed greatly to my opening knowledge. 
Jeff was a very strong player who preferred to play positionally without too many fireworks. 
This sharp game was an exeption. I never beat Jeff over the board or in correspondence, 
this game was my one and only draw against him. Jeff passed away less than a year later at the age of 24.
I will miss him dearly.

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