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Chess>com Staff and membership

Chess>com Staff and membership

Jun 13, 2008, 2:25 PM 2

Open letter to  Staff and members of Chess .com

I have only  been Playing  this fine gaame of a few  years now, I took it up seriously whern I was diagnosed wilth Parkinson,  Chess helps me to  stay mentally  alert.  I know  that parkinson attackes the motor  function of the brain and eats    away at your  brain and  nerveous system.  I have  belonged to  other  on line   chess clubs,  some  not nearlly as good  some  much b etter,  Then I put my  MENSA mind to  good use to  analyze  thle  dilfferences and flind out why.  The only reason I am here today is because  a long time ago I playedd a yhoung man named SOULCRATES, not only a good  chess player but a warm considerate human being.  He always had a kind word and a positive outlook on life.   He linvited me to play hilm a game here,  he showed me around, a tour if you will, and made me feel right at home.  I now have a large LIST of  friends list  in just a short period of time, and you  klnow what?  Everyone here is just as nice.  It's not the window dressing that makes this a nice place,  it's  all the g reat people. I'm Glad Im here,  I play most of my games unrated, I just want to play and meet more nice folks, it helps me to concentrate on all thats right with the world.  Im still looking forward to playing  master or better,

You have a great place here, to all of you I have  already met "thank you for  your kindness and patience"  to all I have yet to meet, take a numb er  I'm coming as fast as as can.  And  again thanks to SOULCRATES




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