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#18 Ram-bo LXVI

#18 Ram-bo LXVI

Apr 25, 2015, 7:01 PM 0

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  • Tournament #18 : Ram-bo,  4/7/91
  • UNC Student Union, Chapel Hill, NC
  • TD:  Robert Singletary
  • Section:  U1400
  • Time Control:  G/60
It took me a while to get the games done for this post.  Not only were these one of those sets of games with strange material imbalances (rounds 2 and 3 feature me playing a R vs B+N), but I had an uneasy feeling that I was missing something.  I went through these games quite a bit before I finally figured out what was bothering me.  As you will see, I had the opprotunity to score a decisive advantage in round 3 within 5 moves and the first few times I went over that game, I just skimmed through the opening.  Of course, I am still a novice, so there are a lot of tactical oversights in these games from both sides, but these games ended up being trickier than normal.
Also, it is rare for a person to play consecutive rated games against one opponent (outside of a double RR or match format).  I played Steve in the last round of the previous tournament and would face him again in round 1 this time.  Same color and same result.
Round 1, Game #50
Round 2, Game #51
Round 3, Game #52
  • Recap: +2 =0 -1
  • Rating:  ???
  • Total:  +21 =5 -26
  • Ram/Ram-bo: +9 =1 -4

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