#23 Chess Nut IX

#23 Chess Nut IX

Jul 12, 2015, 9:34 PM |
  • Tournament #23 : Chess Nut, 10/12/91
  • Fred A Olds Elementary, Raleigh, NC
  • TD:  Edwin Chamberlain
  • Section:  Open
  • Time Control:  G/60
  • Crosstable Link 


Finally, we reach the portion of my career that is trackable online.  As it turns out, this was the tournament that "officially" put me over 1400 so if you look me up in the USCF database, all my stats there exclude my career under 1400.  I will now be able to provide cross table links and official ratings.  I will use the listed pre rating and not the suppliment ratings.  Those were the official ratings at that time and were published and mailed to all the affiliates on a bi-monthly basis, so your rating gains and losses took a while to show up.  Because of that, you will see a few occassions where players are higher rated than the section they are in, including me still playing in the U1400 for a few months (ah, the pre-internet days).


Again, this series existed to train scholastic players and while these games were, largely, blowouts, there are some interesting points.  


Round 1, Game 68


Round 2, Game 69

Round 3, Game 70


  • Recap: +3 =0 -0
  • Rating:  1396 -> 1402 (+6)
  • Total:  +33 =9 -28
  • Scholastic: +8 =2 -4