#34 Phi Kappa Blanca XLI

#34 Phi Kappa Blanca XLI

Dec 19, 2015, 7:01 AM |

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  • Tournament #34 : Phi Kappa Blanca 41, 3/28/92
  • NCSU Student Union, Raleigh, NC
  • TD:  Robert Singletary
  • Section:  U1400
  • Time Control:  40/90, G/30
  • <Crosstable>

Behind the music:

OK, so those of you who knew me back then, know that I was one of those players that listened to music while playing.  I would probably do that today, but with the advancement of technology, there is simply no way to do that without arousing suspissions of cheating....and with my luck, I would end up playing the game of my life and having that brilliancy fall under scrutily because someone would question what exactly was coming into by BlueTooth headphones.  Anyway, I will occasionally share a video or track from some of the things I used to listen to while playing...

I have to start this series with this one.  I was alwyas a "classic rock" guy and even more, I loved instermentals when I was working (weather it was chess, or writing coding in the computer lab).  Kohotek by Journey is still one of my all time favorites in this category...


On the surface, it might appear that I didn't end my string of 4 straight weekends very strong, but despite going 1 of 3 in this one, all 3 games were competitive and I gained rating points because of the strenght of my opponents (all Class B players).  I resigned prematurely in game 3 and could have continued by exchanging a rook for a bishop and at least one pawn and possibly fought for a draw. 

Overall, for March 1992, I went +8 =0 -5 and gained 25 rating points.  Round 1 aslo marks my 100th rated game.  I know Stockfish can be a bit long winded in posting continuations, but for these games, I just let the computer analysis stand unedited.


Round 1, Game #100


Round 2, Game #101


Round 3, Game #102



  • Recap: +1 =0 -2
  • Rating:  1447 -> 1455 (+8)
  • Career:  +55 =12 -35
  • PKB: +18 =8 -19
  • 100th rated game!