#49 Phi Kappa Blanca L

#49 Phi Kappa Blanca L

Aug 29, 2016, 7:50 PM |

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  • Tournament #49, Phi Kappa Blanca 09/11/93
  • NCSU Student Union, Raleigh, NC
  • TD: Robert Singletary
  • Section: U1800
  • Time Control: 40/90, G/30
  • <Crosstable>

 As of the time of this writing, I just added my 40th opponent to, what I would consider, my rivals list.  The criteria I am using for that is 3 career standard rated games against that player.  While there are quite a few of those 40 who are no longer active in tournaments (and sadly, a few who have left us all together), there are some who are either still active, or even a few new players that I have begun to encounter frequently since returning from my own hiatus.

I have decided to start displaying a running count of those rivalries so, as you'll see below, I'll have an index of past meetings over the game in question (with links if that is not too cumbersome).  I'm not going to make that retroactive since none of the rivalries I've played to this point are currently active.


Today's PKB edition features a very wild, and blunder filled, endgame in Rd 1 and me getting away with a fancy (but flawed) sacrifice in Rd 3.


Round 1, Game #146

Round 2, Game #147
Round 3, Game #148
Previous games:
  • Recap: +2 =0 -1
  • Rating: 1505 --> 1533(+28)
  • Career: +72 =23 -53
  • PKB: +28 =13 -28