#66 Greensboro Open III

#66 Greensboro Open III

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Tournament #65, Greensboro Open 2/18/95
??, Greensboro, NC
TD: Mark Bowers
Section: U1800
Time Control: 30/60, g/30
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Here is another new series, but sadly, I don't remember the site for this tournament series or any of the specifics around it.  I would love that information...if anyone has it.  Also lost in the mist of time is the reason why I was awarded a 1st round bye.  I was not the lowest rated player in the section and have no record of a cross-section pairing.  Not that it ended up mattering much since I split the 2 games I played.

This was also my 1st game against Josh Taylor, at this point, he was just starting out and was moving up through class C/B.  He would become a well established and solid Class A player years before me and is one of the few who I have games against both before and after my sabbatical.


Round 1, Full Point Bye (no game)


Round 2, Game #198
Previous games
#188, 11/19/94, Balck/Win
#190, 1/14/95, White/Win

Round 3, Game #199

Recap: +1 =0 -1
Rating: 1611 -> 1606 (-5)
Career: +95 =34 -70
Greensboro: +1 =0 -1