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Bobby Fisher Memorial, Round 1

Bobby Fisher Memorial, Round 1

Mar 9, 2013, 7:36 PM 0

Today was the 1st Bobby Fisher Memorial in Wake Forest, NC (today, of course, being Fisher's b-day).  This tournament set up perfectly as a warm up for the upcoming Big Enchilada III.  This year's Enchilada should prove to be interesting as my section has been changed from an U1800 to U1900.  I do have a lot of confidence going in this year, since I only lost one game below 1800 last year AND my only losses in the U2000 at the NC Championships were to players over 1900.

Anyway, I got exactly what I wanted today.  The field today featured 4 players over 2000 and promised to provide me some great opportunities to improve...that is, if I can survive round 1.  Even though I was 6th or 7th by rating, I was still in the top half of the section and had to play down in round 1.  My opponent here played tough, only yielding a pawn and forcing me to beat him with it in the endgame.

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