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Bobby Fisher Memorial, Round 2

Bobby Fisher Memorial, Round 2

Mar 9, 2013, 8:50 PM 0

Round 2 was my second game against FM Ron Simpson.  In our 1st game, I got really lucky and found myself moving from a losing middle-game position to a winning endgame, then drawing said endgame after missing a swindle in time pressure.  This game would follow a similar pattern, Ron had a very good chance to finish me off, but miscalculated.  But I got in time pressure and managed to lose what would have otherwise been a draw.  I know in our two games, Ron hasn't played his best, but with my tournament results, over the last 2 years especially, I wonder how much I've improved.  I don't play that many rated games, so it's very possible I could be, skillswise, closer to 1900 and even though I lost this game, performances like this make me wonder...if I played more often, what WOULD my rating be...

In the end, all I had to do after RxP was move my king back in position to blockade.  I had less that 2 minutes on my clock at that point, panicked and failed to do that.  The one thing I've taken away from this game is that, while 3 days/move is good for study, I need to take some time to do some of the computer simulations in the training section and get better at getting through situations like this without needed time to think...

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