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My Memorable Games #9, The worst game I didn't lose!

My Memorable Games #9, The worst game I didn't lose!

Aug 18, 2012, 3:54 PM 0

Yes...I got slack with my posts.  I'm still going through my collection and it turns out my database is more incomplete than I expected.  I've had to modify my W/L record (I actually DO have 200 losses right now and it's very possible I found #201...just need to validate it).

But there are a few games I can go ahead and through out there.  This one occured at the US Amateaur Team Championships (East) in Parsipany, NJ.  I would go every year with the Point A Chess Club.  On this occassion, we actually had 5 players and instead of rotating with an alternate, I decided to search for a team with 3 players.  I found one and was set to play on board 2.  In round one, we were set to play a scholastic team.  Not unusual for this tournament.  Barely 10 minutes and few moves into the round, I would atually hang my queen.  It was an inoprotune time for a blunder like that and I wondered how my new teammates...complete strangers...felt about me.  I played well the rest of the weekend and made up for the blunder.

Anyway...here's the worst game I somehow managed not to lose.

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