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NC Open 2012, recap

NC Open 2012, recap

Sep 3, 2012, 5:12 AM 1

OK, I haven't started loading my games and letting the computer remind me of how horrible a player I am yet (LOL!), but just some general notes about this weekend.

First off, I came really close but ultimately fell just short of all my goals.  My rating did climb and the rating estimator did have me at 1810 going into round 5, but the last round loss put my final rating back in the 1790's (and cost me the class prize).

It wasn't a bad tournament though, I was ranked 39th of the 55ish players in the section, but finished with an even score.  And that despite playing up 100 points or more in 4 of my games.  Add to that a bunch of unexpected drama that left me scrambling just to find a place to stay (thanks to my friends who came through and offered space, btw)

I will be posting my games as I get them loaded, but this was one of those rare tournaments where ALL of my games are very presentable.  I have a feeling I got sloppy in round 3 (again, grrr!), but I survived.  I don't think I would have had such a good overall performance without the rigorous study over the past several weeks.  I do need to continue to deepen my knowledge of the openings I'm now playing, but in all but the last round, I was more comfortable in the opening phase than I have ever been.

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