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NC Open Round 1

NC Open Round 1

Sep 3, 2012, 8:27 PM 1

After working 12 hours on Thursday night and enduring plenty of room share drama, not being able to take a substantial nap before the Friday night round as I had originally planned, and yes...even some fursuiting (during NC Open registration) it was finally time to play.

The Saturday morning session is only G/75 instead of the usual 35/90, g/60.  I don't do as well in the faster time controls, but my work schedule really left me no choice.  And given the way Friday unfolded, I DID make the correct choice.  I might have to play faster, but at least I have the benifit of sleep.  I think I mentioned this in my recap, but thanks again to my friends for stepping up and offering room space.

As expected, I did play up in round one.  Despite an early inacuracy in the opening, I put up a strong fight and held a slight edge for most of the middle game.  Ultimately though, I fell under 5 minutes and time pressure got me in the end.  Even though this ended up being a loss, I was very happy with my performance and figured, if I could continue playing like this, I could pull some upsets once I got a full clock to work with...

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