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NC Open Round 3

NC Open Round 3

Sep 7, 2012, 9:22 AM 3

Despite only having a half point in 2 rounds, I felt great coming into round 3.  The only thing I was unhappy about was knowing I was about to have to "play down" and knowing that I would HAVE to win to get back in position to, not only win money, but get another shot at a Class A player.  I knew I could get an upset win this weekend given my play in the first 2 rounds, but now I had to earn another chance to do that.

My opponent would be one of the Point A Chess Club players (a club I used to frequent).  Someone I have played many times before (and even recently here on chess.com).  He actually surprised me in this game not playing the Sicillian, but ended up getting careless and losing a piece in the opening.  This game though, typifies the Point A mentality.  When you get stuck in a bad position, throw everything at your opponent (the kitchen sink defense).  It was funny, about 10 moves in, I was thinking, "Man...I'm up a piece for 2 pawns, but there's no whay this guy's going to quit!".  It's said that 2 goals is the worst lead in hockey, well..for most of this game, that's what I felt like I had...a 2 goal lead.  I was most worried about having the computer analyse this one and I had a feeling the ?'s will be flying on both sides, LOL!  Turns out it wasn't quite as bad as I'd expected...although he did miss a chance to draw at one point.

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