The Big Enchilada III, Round 2 (why I don't deserve to be 1800)

Despite being a loss, this was my best overall effort for the tournament (at least until I fell apart at the end).  I got a bit distracted by the queen side and missed a nice tactic in the center, where I should have kept playing in the first place.  As I stated in the intro middle game planning obviously needs work.




  • 4 years ago


    @MyRook, thanks!

    @PigJones, heck yes!  This was the 1st time I'd achieved that particular knight formation and it looked crazy strong!  Part of the reason I was so hard on myself for getting distracted with the a-file.  I really feel like I let a won game slip away.

  • 4 years ago


    Don't beat yourself up to bad on that performance Evan. You did fine until 27.Bxd5. IMO Late middle game is the hardest part. Good analysis.

  • 4 years ago


    Having the knight on e3 is such a coup in the Grand Prix Sicilian. The f5 square is almost always the most critical square in the game since so many times it's a cozy home for the knight, or it's where the rooks double (especially if white has a bishop on the a2-g8 diagonal.) The only decent way to defend the square is for black to play g6, and that's a pretty ugly concession for black.

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