The Big Enchilada III, Round 3 (why I don't deserve to be 1800)

Interesting side note, I had played 9 rated games as black since the last time I faced 1.e4.  The last time being at this same tournament....2 years ago!  Don't think I'll ever see that happen again.

Easily the worst rated game I've played in years and the inspiration for my sub title "Why I don't deserve to be 1800".  I'm almost embarrassed to even show it...for both of our sakes.  I am well studied on the Pirc, but just don't have any experience against the g3 line and everything I did in this game was just flat wrong.  I think the worst thing about this game was watching Gary open up, at one point, a full 60 minute time advantage.  It pissed me off, but I wasn't mad at him, I was mad at myself.  It was clear he's well studied on the Pirc AND the g3 response, but I also knew that I was doing nothing to warrent any thought on his part.  It wasn't easy watching my position deteriorate like that against a player that wasn't even really breaking a sweat.  I'll be going back and studying up on this line and actually may consider playing it from the white side sometime to see if I can frustrate opponents as much as Gary frustrated me, LOL!

...let the carnage begin.




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    I have only played the g3 lines twice (now both losses becuse I flat out dropped a piece). For sure it is easy to play for white (play h3 early so you can play Be3 to bolster the center - and play a4 to prevent b5) -- but it is pretty easy for black to equalize, too. I think black's issues arise if he tries for more since white really has a grip on the center.
    I did not see the Ng4+! shot until I set up the game later althought I should have as one of my big concerns when I was considering f4 was releasing the power of the bishop should the knight move - I don't know if I would have stopped to think or just automatically played cd)
    I have dropped a knight in 3 of my last 8 games and I am 1-7 in those games so I am sure I don't deserve to be 1800.

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