Tournament #3

Tournament #3


Touranment #3 : Phi Kappa Blanca  9/30/89

NCSU Student Union, Raleigh, NC

TD:  Robert Singletary

Section:  U1400

Time Control:  40/90, G/30


I actually found the next 3 tournaments (as well as rounds 1 and 3 from tournament #2) hidden in some lose papers that were stored with my scorebooks.  I don't have any specific recolection of my opponents in these tournaments and I was clearly still developing my game at this point.  There might likely be one or two more tournaments that neither I or the USCF have records for, but at this point, I will really never know.

At the tournaments held in the Student Unions (both at NCSU and UNC) there was a game room in the basement (UNC even had a bowling alley!).  I would go down there and hang out between rounds.  Especially in many of these early tournaments...since I was a much faster player back then.  After round one, I went down there only to find that they were closed for a 9-ball tournament.  I joined figuring I had 2 hours before round 2 AND I had never played serious pool anyway (and had never played 9-ball at all).  Much to my surprise, I actually ended up advancing into round 4 (final 8) of that tournament, but it was getting close to 2 and I was a bit worried about the potential conflict.  I went upstairs to check the pairings and it turned out that I ended up with a bye in round 2 of the chess tournament anyway.  I was able to stay in the pool tournament, but ended up losing round 4.  And isn't it sad that I did better in a pool touranment than a chess tournament, LOL!


Round 1 : Game #7


Round 2 : Bye (no game)


Round 3 : Game #8


Recap: +0 =0 -2

Rating: 975/6 -> ???

Total:  +1 =0 -7

PKB: +1 =0 -4

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