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My thoughts and general ramblings

My thoughts and general ramblings

Jul 21, 2013, 11:23 PM 1

I was curious as to people's thoughts on chess sets that are not the standard looking variety. Like I myself have have what is called a eight fairies set, but it really looks like a bunch a buddha sitting on thrones. The board looks like standard except for the white squares have paintings and pictures which are kind of chinese in appearance.

Like some of these chess sets I saw browsing through various stores:

i found this at Mars Electron Surge.

This civil war chess set I found on ChessSets. That' what they called it. Looks more like the American Revolution to me. 

This dragon piece chess set called out to me. I found this one on BuyCheaper

This all look fascinating to me. Price notwithstanding, I would get most of what i saw in a heartbeat.

Well what are thoughts on the matter.

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