Sep 11, 2010, 11:55 AM |


First blog ever.  My chess history. During my young life, about age 9 or 10 i learned the game of chess.  I quickly became the best kid player(non club) in my group of friends, and would play adults at family get togethers.  this went on through highschool.  Also during highschool i played when the oppurtunity permitted itself.  After highschool for the next 6 years or so i played little chess. in my mid 20s I decided that i would like to get back into chess.  I played in the local club and entered in a couple of the bigger turnaments in the greater LA area.  After about 2-3 years, chess was taking a back set to life.  I started with a 1250 ish rating, peeked at just over 1500, and then slid back to about 1450 ish.  then during late 2009 i found, and had one to two evenings a week to devote to my interest.  I got the books out and spent the next few months on a plan.  I decided to start with an opening repertoire of 1. e4 ....., 1. e4  c6,  and 1. d4  d5  Slav.  After a few months of this and about 300 games on I was pleased with my black possitions and very frustrated with my white games.  My rating had started at about 1250 and quickly went up durning this time to 1350-1400.  Looking at my plan, I could not see 1 e4 .... as a practical opening as my time to work opening theroy is limited and there is just soo much out there.  As a result I have Switched to 1. c4 .....  I have played a score of these openings and am happy to be able to feel progress in theroy work.  My goal with chess is to enjoy the game, the process of improving, and lastly to have a better game at the table tomarrow than i do today.  This blog is the first step in an attempt to be more focused on my game stangths and weaknesses.  Realisticly I hope to be able to add to this blog monthly with productive thoughts on my games.