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Bad opening play with a sacrifice to equalize!

Mar 26, 2011, 1:17 PM 1

Ok... So i just played a 15 minute game against badr_el_amal, and he/she is a very good player. We've played before and he/she usually has beaten me. We played a Reti system in this game. Black played a very sound defense and I was hasty in my opening play (see move 10). I ended up having to sacrifice some material (see move 18)... a knight for two pawns, to try and equalize the position, otherwise black was going to unleash the hounds on my position. You all know the manuever against Bg5 kinds of moves - that's ... h6 -> g5 -> Nh5 -> f5 and black's attack can become nasty. So, I am not usually one to try and exchange those pawns off, but this time it worked pretty well. The endgame was fun and black made a small slip which allowed me to win back a pawn. Enjoy.

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