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Chess is Art

Chess is Art

Aug 16, 2012, 7:47 PM 4

Take a look at this position. It is white (my move) to play. I lost a pawn in the opening and managed to create a little counterplay with the queen on the kingside. My opponent was very sure of his opening moves and calmly went up a pawn within the first 15 moves. However, he slipped here when he played Kg8-f7. I did not understand the move. Perhaps it was to make room for Ne7-g8 to attack my queen. It proved to be a blunder (at least in my analysis). So, what did I play? Rxd6 seems like the best move, as after ...Qxd6 or ...Rxd6 my next move is Bxe5, making it extremely difficult to defend the position for black, as the g7 rook is undefended and Black has no checking moves which save him. What do you think?

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