I keep making mistakes...

Dec 16, 2011, 5:34 AM |

Games I'm proud of I will sumbit for computer analysis on chess.com. I have an engine at home but my computer is too slow to run it. I should get on that. In any case these games often return to me with 5+ mistakes, several inaccuracies and even blunders. How can I get away with those and still manage to win? Is it perhaps the online format that tends to make people play worse? Or am I not as good as I think I am? My last blog post I mentioned a game where I exchanged a knight for two pawns, thinking that it was a marvelous idea. However the computer analysis told me that it was a mistake, giving white a slight advantage and white would do so by attacking the queenside.

Maybe the computer is correct, but it only knows computer chess. Human chess is quite different. We have emotions and psychology that computers do not experience. They are number crunchers. You can psyche out an opponent, especially one lower rated, by making sacrifices, playing gambits or even playing conservatively. So, perhaps the exchange wasn't such a bad idea because the opponent did not know how to handle it. Still the computer showed that white had only a slight advantage, but after several other mistakes the game was won for white. But, white did not play the correct moves. Neither did I. But I still managed to pull off a victory. I apologize to those who knew instantly that the exchange was mistaken; I was trying to be vicious.

With that being said I'll show you the game I think I mentioned in which I first learned of this idea... it was a Sicilian game, I read it in a book but I'm not sure that this is the exact one. In any case it is the Sicilian, Lasker-Pelikan Variation, B33...