Two Rooks versus Queen

Jan 6, 2012, 12:26 AM |

Howdy all, here's a game I just played at 2 in the morning against Muhayin, rated 1700. We got into a closed Sicilian game as you will see and a most grueling of endgames between my two rooks against Muhayin's queen... and there were pawns too. I am confident when I have a queen against two rooks, however something in my mind told me everything was going to be OK. This line we got into is not well known and the last game took place in 1992 between two German masters. White still won the game with a common threat of an advanced passed pawn in the center. Let me know what you think of the endgame play, as the opening is full of weak moves on my part, which is probably what sentenced me to having to trade the queen for two rooks.


After 31... Rxg5 my chessness overcame all my thoughts and said... "OK, two rooks for a queen and eventually a pawn or two. Exchange that pesky bishop on b7 and close out the queen. Keep the rooks connected and keep the king closeby. Defend c2 at all costs unless the enemy king can be attacked. All you have to do is seperate the king and queen and keep strengthening your position, eventually black will run out of checks and you slowly chip away at the pawns." PHEW, it worked.