should be free! should be free!

Oct 27, 2011, 12:24 PM |
0 should be free of charge. is an online chess site where you can learn, play, and discuss chess stuff. should be free because people, members of this great website, are trying to learn chess, and also potential masters. How can they do that when they are limited to the amount of tactics trainer problems they are allowed to get. 

Another reason is that would lose customers to other websites, such as Chess365. We wouldn't want to lose members. Chess365 has limited chess tactics problems, but there are more than 3, the amount that limits players. Also, that website has no limit to the amount that you can search in the openings explorer, as well as a free analysis board. 

Due to these circumstances, I would propose that either lowers it's prices for premium memberships, or some levels of premium memberships be cancelled. 

Thank you for your consideration.